• South and Northeast Regions

    Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey

  • Several Locations

    Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina: If its not at your local Tijuana Flats, please ask for it.

  • Midwest / South

    Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Michigan

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  • North Carolina

    50+ stores around the Charlotte metro area

  • North and South Carolina

    70+ Stores from Greensboro, NC to Rock Hill, SC

  • North Carolina

    40+ stores throughout NC

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  • Charlotte / Greenville

    4331 Barclay Downs Dr
    2823 Selwyn Avenue
    1 N Laurens St., Greenville, SC

  • Charlotte

    225 Park Road
    Park Road Shopping Center

  • Charlotte

    The Market at 7th Street
    224 E. 7th St
    Dilworth Store - Kenilworth Commons
    1235 East Blvd Suite A

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